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July 31, 2009

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Indicted on 42 counts, and facing prison sentences of up to 400 years, . After being fired from the company when he was convicted of mortgage fraud in 2002 . Sentence cut for accomplice to $11M fraud, The St. Petersburg Times, March 20, .

Paul Allen, Ex-Mortgage CEO, Sentenced To Prison For $3B Fraud
Jun 21, 2011 . By the time Allen became CEO in 2003, the fraud was already under . Real estate agent sentenced for mortgage fraud: The Quad-City real .

Mortgage Fraud Blog - Hard Money Lender Sentenced for Fraud
Mar 16, 2011 . Mortgage and Fraud and the Law, Oh My! . rate and repayment terms, and specified a closing date with the tag line, "time is of the essence.

How much time would you serve for identity theft or fraud
How much time would you serve for identity theft or fraud? . consumer credit to commit loan fraud, mortgage fraud, lines-of-credit fraud, credit card fraud, . Recently a man was sentenced to seven years in a Federal penitentiary for using his .

Mortgage Executive Receives 30-Year Sentence -
Jun 30, 2011 . Other than Mr. Farkas and a string of smaller mortgage fraud prosecutions, no senior financial executives have been convicted of crimes.

Sonnen sentenced to probation for mortgage fraud
Apr 14, 2011 . Sonnen sentenced to probation for mortgage fraud . an ultimate fighting championship middleweight and one-time candidate for a seat on the .

Mortgage Fraud - What Constitutes Mortgage Fraud - Avoiding ...
If you lie on your real estate loan application, it's mortgage fraud. . Length of time in the business is no guarantee that your "trusted adviser" isn't a crook. . Missouri, appraiser pleaded guilty to mortgage fraud and was sentenced to 20 years in .

The Straw Buyer
3 hours ago . Two City of Miami firefighters convicted of mortgage fraud yet two drastically . At the time of these transactions three individuals from the city .

Former Real Estate Professionals Sentenced for Mortgage Fraud
May 26, 2011 . Former Real Estate Professionals Sentenced for Mortgage Fraud . the fact that both defendants had real estate licenses at the time of their .

Mortgage Fraud In Depth - WHAT IS MORTGAGE FRAUD AND ...
This time, allegations of fraud surrounding mortgage lenders and those involved . In ballpark numbers and knowing that federal sentences are affected by more .

Mortgage Fraud Blog |
Mortgage Fraud News and information for the lending and mortgage banking industry . Real Estate Development Scam Results in Prison Time . Ashburn, Virginia, has been convicted by a federal jury for his role in fraudulent mortgage loan .

Sentencing for Fraud - Statutory offences - Definitive Guideline
3. The types of fraud are based on those used in Current Sentencing Practice, published by Sweet & Maxwell. However, the category 'mortgage fraud' has been .

Sentencing Law and Policy: Saying sorry helps in mortgage fraud ...
Oct 24, 2008 . Federal Judge Algenon L. Marbley ordered both to spend time in prison for the crime of conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud. Carter, 36, and .

Mortgage scammer gets 5 years behind bars |
Dec 29, 2011 . A co-defendant, Chris Malcom, was sentenced last month to four years . but Evans and Malcom received more prison time than is typical in such . The federal government has put an emphasis on mortgage fraud in recent .

Examples of Mortgage and Real Estate Fraud Investigations - Fiscal ...
North Carolina Woman Sentenced for Mortgage Fraud Conspiracy . Michael Baker, a Dallas resident at the time of the fraud, was sentenced to 180 months in .,,id=246538,00.html

Mortgage Fraud Blog - It's Prison Time for Real Estate Fraudsters
Jul 7, 2011 . Mortgage and Fraud and the Law, Oh My! . Jason Heath Morrison, 35, Midland, Texas, was sentenced to 84 months in federal prison followed .

Citizens are encouraged to report any suspected mortgage fraud activity by calling 203-333-3512 and requesting the Connecticut Mortgage Fraud Task Force, or by sending an email to home.

Mortgage Fraud Blog - Mortgage Fraudster Gets Hefty Sentence
Mar 1, 2012 . Mortgage and Fraud and the Law, Oh My! Home · Perp Walk . Next: It's Jail Time for a Maryland ... Mortgage Fraudster Gets Hefty Sentence .

Federal Sentencing Crime In The Suites
Dec 6, 2011 . Robertson, vacating and remanding the sentences of two defendants convicted of a mortgage fraud scheme because the sentencing judge .

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Fraud by False Representation
Aggravating and Mitigating Factors (From Sentencing Guidelines Council . of most or all of their savings, being unable to make mortgage and loan repayments , . This may depend upon the time that has elapsed since the commission of the .

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