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July 31, 2009

Don't Be a Victim of Mortgage Fraud - Department of Banking and ...
Mortgage fraud has become more prevalent throughout the nation and especially so in Georgia, particularly the Atlanta metropolitan area. Mortgage fraud has .,2086,43414745_43418327_69161413,00.html

Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens - Residential Mortgage Fraud
Residential Mortgage Fraud. The house next door sits on the market a little too long, then is suddenly snapped up at almost double the asking price. You begin .,2086,87670814_87670971_91950607,00.html

Georgia Fraud Resources - Report Mortgage Fraud, Identity Theft, etc.
Apr 11, 2012 . A list a resources to report mortgage fraud in Georgia....

Mortgage Loan Fraud in Georgia -
Jun 23, 2006 . Georgia was Number 1 for several years. The drop in number of cases in Georgia is attributed to the Georgia Residential Mortgage Fraud Act .

Georgia Real Estate Fraud Prevention and Awareness Coalition (GREFPAC) . Accurate Quality Control, LoanSouth Mortgage. Casey Gilson P.C., LSI Local .

Mortgage Fraud Blog - Displaying items by tag: Georgia
Cherri Dallas and Kai Fluker have pled guilty to mortgage fraud involving properties in South Atlanta, Georgia. They are part of a group of 10 defendants indicted .

Georgia - Mortgage Fraud | Flipping Schemes
Mortgage fraud has become more prevalent throughout the nation and especially so in Georgia, particularly the Atlanta metropolitan area. Mortgage fraud has .

Atlanta GA Mortgage Fraud Lawyers | Foreclosure Attorneys ...
The Law Offices of Albert A. Mitchell represents victims of mortgage fraud in Atlanta, Georgia. Contact an attorney with 30 years of experience: 404-346-7009.

Mortgage Fraud Continues to Decline in Georgia | LoanSafe
May 25, 2011 . Atlanta, Georgia (Source: Department of Banking and Finance) - According to the latest figures released by the LexisNexis® Mortgage Asset .

Mortgage Fraud Up in Georgia | Home Mortgages
2 days ago . According to an article on Georgia's Department of Banking & Finance website, residential mortgage fraud, which cost millions of dollars to .

Realty Times - Feigned Occupancy, Georgia Tops In Mortgage Fraud
Sep 30, 2005 . More than half -- about 53 percent -- of claims filed with the Novato, CA-based Prieston Group during the first half of 2005 contained some level .

Atlanta Mortgage Fraud Defense Lawyer :: Mortgage Fraud :: Macon ...
Mortgage Fraud. There has been a veritable explosion of prosecutions for mortgage and real estate fraud throughout the United States, but especially in Georgia .

White Collar Crime Prof Blog: Mortgage Fraud in Georgia
Oct 15, 2007 . There is no doubt that mortgage fraud is a hot topic across the United States. In Georgia, Chalana McFarland received a 30 year sentence on a .

Georgia Ratchets Up Penalties for Mortgage Fraud
Don't Get Caught in the Mortgage Fraud Trap! By Seth Weissman. August 2005. Georgia is now ranked first in the United States for reported cases of mortgage .

Florida State and Federal Mortgage Fraud Defense Attorney ...
At Arnold Law Firm, LLC, our Georgia and Florida state and federal mortgage fraud defense attorneys represent appraisers, mortgage brokers, bankers, buyers .

Georgia Mortgage Fraud Attorney | Atlanta Home Buyer & Broker ...
Contact Garland, Samuel & Loeb in Atlanta for help with your mortgage fraud case. Call 877-650-0825 for a free initial consultation.

Ten Individuals Indicted for Mortgage Fraud in Atlanta
Mar 24, 2011 . - Online access to Georgia government . multiple Residential Mortgage Fraud indictments against ten individuals for their roles in .,2668,87670814_167294941_169468242,00.html

Georgia Department of Banking and Finance - Mortgage Fraud ...
May 24, 2011 . Georgia is no longer ranked in the top ten for mortgage fraud and has a Mortgage Fraud Index (MFI) of 66, which is well below the MFI industry .,2668,43414745_166508814_171844318,00.html

Citizens are encouraged to report any suspected mortgage fraud activity by calling 203-333-3512 and requesting the Connecticut Mortgage Fraud Task Force, or by sending an email to home.

Report Suspected Mortgage Fraud - Department of Banking and ...
Welcome to, the State of Georgia's official website. For online access to Georgia government.,2086,43414745_46296143_161211255,00.html

Mortgage Fraud 2010 Legislation
Sep 22, 2011 . Three states enacted legislation regarding mortgage fraud. Georgia authorized the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to investigate certain .

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Two plead guilty in Georgia reverse mortgage fraud scheme ...
Apr 9, 2010 . Kelsey Torrey Hull and Jonathan Alfred Kimpson both of Lithonia, Ga., have pleaded guilty in federal district court to a conspiracy to defraud .

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